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Our Services We specialise in migration services for skilled workers, business owners and spouse and family.

Why Choose Riya Migration About 40 years of Legacy

Partner with Riya Migration, a trusted and established brand for all immigration services. We are grounded with years of experience, transparency and reliability. For over 4 decades, travellers have placed their confidence in our brand to assist them with all travel-related requirements. We strictly implement information privacy of our clients, which puts them at ease. At Riya Migration, your immigration dreams are converted into reality with expertise and openness.

Why Choose Riya Migration Proficiency in Global Mobility

Riya Migration transforms a tedious process of relocating to a new city and country into an easy progression for you. Live a quality life and settle comfortably at your dream destination. Our experienced team of experts are skilled to transfer individuals and families to any city in the world. Right from consultation to moving into a new home, we are with you at every step of the way.

Why Choose Riya Migration High Success Rate for Visa Processing

Our customers’ reliance on us is visible in the return rate for processing visas. Over the decades, we have processed 1000s of visas for tourists, business, work, students, transit and other categories with a high success rate. The brand’s close association with consulates allow us to facilitate visa process in a professional and effortless method. When you tie up with Riya Migration for immigration, your experience will be smooth and hassle free.

Why Choose Riya Migration Teamed up with Experts in Immigration

We take pride in liaising with top immigration legal experts from countries across the world. Our tie up with specialist assures your relocation to a new country is conducted in an authorised method and also improves your chances of certifying you an immigration status. Capitalise on our pool of experts to turn your dream of living in a new country, a reality.

Reasons to MigrateMake a confidence transition to a new destination with new hope, fresh vigor and positive outlook.

Numerous Job Opportunities

Growing economy and demand for skilled workers have given rise to a number of job opportunities

Quality of Life

The standard of living is high due to top quality of services for you and importance is given to work-life balance

Excellent Healthcare

Hospitalisation and auxiliary healthcare services cover immigrants and their families in the country’s medical care system

Higher Quality Education

Give your children international grade education that is affordable and prepares them for bright careers in the future

Pristine Environment

Enjoy wide spaces, pollution-free air and incredible landscapes that rejuvenate your mind and perfect for healthy living

Tolerance to Multiculture

Live and work freely, and safely in countries that respect people of varied ethnicity, religion and gender

Financial Stability

Experience economic growth and stability for your business in countries that are protected from recession


Bring up your family in a country that has low crime rate and where it is safe to live life to the fullest

Top Migration Destinations

Why We Work With Regulated Experts

We work only with regulated experts associated with a country’s authorised immigration body. The collaboration opens us to a host of advantages that include:

  • They offer their valuable experience while managing each migration application. Their knowledge is useful in solving complex issues.
  • The approved experts are aware of the latest laws and immigration procedures. They follow the guidelines of a governing body that protects consumers’ rights.
  • Take comfort in timely and efficient service. The professionals will respond to you promptly and proficiently.
  • Experience an open communication channel. You can easily discuss your doubts and receive helpful advice to migrate successfully.
  • For Canada and Australia, we work with ICCRC and MARA approved experts only.
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Our Stories & Latest News Get up-to-date information on countries' immigration laws, changes in policies, latest news and lots more to make your migration process seamless.

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Canada: Ranked as the No.1 Country in the World

The 2021 Best Countries survey ultimately declared Canada as the No.1 country for the first time. This report is a ranking and analysis project by the US News and World Report; BAV group a unit of the Wharton School of Pennsylvania & global marketing communications company VMLY&R.

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CRS Drops: Canada Passes 50K Express Entry ITA in 2021

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Where to Migrate Discover the benefits and essential services available at the most livable countries in the world. These factors will help you decide on a destination for migration.

  • It is a multicultural nation - you can follow your own religion, language and culture.
  • Canada offers enormous job opportunities across various careers.
  • This nation supports English as the major language, except for Quebec, a French province.
  • Canada has easy flexible immigration policies. Skilled immigrants can immigrate in less than a year.
  • It is a financially stable country, which promises job safety and security.
  • The country offers free healthcare that is delivered by skilled professionals.
  • It is a multicultural-tolerant country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • Australia provides excellent, well-paying job opportunities that complement the high quality of life.

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For the past 4 decades, Legacy, Reliability & Experience are the key factors that have been the driving force for the Riya Group. Our customers and partners are served with trustworthiness, transparency and understanding. Now, we are scaling to new heights and we are leading with these same principles at Riya Migration Consultants.

We recognise your dream of settling to a dream destination and comprehend the significance of it. To achieve your dream, we personally assess the ideal country for you.

Let’s start your immigration journey with a quick check to assess your eligibility for immigration and check your score. Please fill the form and we will reach out to you to carry it forward.

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What Our Clients Say Here's why customers rely on us for migration

Amit Makwana

“A colleague referred Ankit to me. He is very professional and has sound knowledge of the immigration processes. He helped me to get ready with all necessary documents ahead of time, so I didn’t have to rush at the last minute. I strongly recommend him for any immigration matters. I am very happy with his service.”

Rohan Sharma

“If you have any work about immigration or similar, this is the place to be. Every person working in this office are true professionals and will take all the proper care to ensure no details are missed on your immigration case.”

  • True professional service
  • Always on top of your case
  • Easy mode of communication - email
  • They delivered what was promised
Jatinkumar Patel

“Ankit is the best. I am so grateful for his dedication, professionalism and brotherly nature. It was worth the money because everything went smoothly, right, professional and eventually got what I need without a headache. I strongly recommend everyone with any immigration status to go and book with the expert, Ankit. Thank you so much Ankit for helping me!”

Richa Singh

“My husband filed the spousal PR in consultation with Mr. Ankit. If it was not for the due diligence and the excellent documentation done by him, I don’t think I would have received my PR in record time of less than 3 months of filing. I will be ever thankful to him for this. Also, he gave additional consultation post the receiving of my CoPR which is normally not covered in the retainers agreement. Thanks a lot!”

Ravishu Loomba

“I came here after my wife’s visitor visa was refused three times. They applied and got her visa granted; applied for her 309/100 partner visa, got her travel ban exempted in record time and finally she is here with me in Australia. I am now in the process of applying for my parents’ Contributory visa. Thank you for reuniting me with my family.”

Engadine Medical Center

“We were seeking a reputable organisation to help us sponsor the doctors working for us in our medical practices. They helped us in the end-to-end process, starting from Area of Need requirements, SBS nomination and Visa applications to Workforce based assessments. Our employees are happy with the wonderful experience.”

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